Here you will find information and assistance on the early redemption and rescheduling of loans from Agree Bank.

In order to take advantage of all possibilities of financial optimization, ongoing installment loans should be checked regularly: If the conditions on the market have changed decisively or if some banks open up interesting savings potential with limited-time special offers, rescheduling can save a lot of money and accelerate the repayment.

Basically: early redemption of loans

Basically: early redemption of loans

However, there are some aspects to be considered in the drafting of the contract in order not to jeopardize the effect of the debt rescheduling with additional fees. We have checked the conditions of the Agree Bank loan for you – here are the results.

When banks, such as the Agree Bank, issue loans, they agree with their customers, especially with installment loans, fixed terms, and monthly installments that relate to a specific term. In accordance with this need, they then borrow themselves in order to be able to suffice it.

The interest accrued for this must also be paid for the agreed term, the difference to the interest rates received by the customers represents the profit of the bank.

If you now decide to redeem your loan liability prematurely, the bank must waive the interest income from you – and still pay for the debt. That is why some financial institutions provide a kind of compensation for the missing income, namely the prepayment penalty. How high this depends on the respective terms and conditions.

Agree Bank Credit: Expect redemption fees

Good Credit Consumer Bank Credit: Expect redemption fees

The Agree Bank loan can be partially or completely redeemed at any time – but at an additional cost. Unfortunately, nothing can be determined in the price list that is publicly visible, only the fee for a transfer fee notification is given at 5.50 dollars.

You will have no choice but to contact the bank, query the current transfer fee and have the additional costs incurred for the planned special repayment or complete redemption calculated. In order to save unnecessary costs, we would like to suggest a careful approach below.

Debt restructuring: plan well


First, compare the conditions agreed with Agree Bank with those currently available on the market. For this purpose, a comparison calculator is recommended, which you can start by entering the loan amount, a convenient term and the purpose of “debt rescheduling”. The list of results is usually provided by the providers who provide credit-dependent conditions.

You can recognize this variant by the reported interest margin, you cannot derive binding interest rates from it yet. In the following places, you will find offers that are independent of creditworthiness with their fixed interest rates. You can rely on this: If your loan application is approved, you can count on this interest rate. Which variant is the best for you depends not least on your credit rating?

If you can point to very good financial circumstances, you may be one of the small proportion of borrowers who can generate advantages under the credit-dependent conditions. However, the information will only come from a pre-condition request that does not affect your Credit Checker.

Proceed step by step: avoid costs

Proceed step by step: avoid costs

  • Now determine your savings potential. You can easily make this calculation by selecting a suitable provider and entering the original loan amount into the calculator. In this way, you can compare your current loan agreement with the new conditions and determine the difference.
  • The decision now depends on whether the potential savings are interesting enough to accept the prepayment penalty. Above all, however, possible term extensions or increases in sums could be the decisive arguments.
  • Make a preliminary inquiry to the selected provider, fill out the online forms and compile the required documents.
  • At the same time, let Agree Bank calculate the prepayment penalty and tell you the exact status of your loan.
  • It is best to arrange a direct redemption with the new bank, you can have any excess amount paid out to your account.

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