Most people can no longer imagine life without a cell phone or smartphone. This also applies to customers with little financial leeway. The importance of owning one of the mobile all-rounders with the latest technology is particularly high among the younger generation. No wonder – after all, today you can do pretty much anything with a smartphone that was unimaginable years ago.

In addition to the possibility of making phone calls and sending SMS (this should also play a role), the cell phone can be used as a camera or as an MP3 player, organizer or navigation device. It should not be kept secret that many people also urgently need their mobile phones for work.

The enormous turnover in the smartphone industry

The enormous turnover in the smartphone industry

Naturally results in a not-insignificant share from the increasing use of mobile internet offers. So you can download the latest games or songs with your mobile phone, various messengers and apps allow you to participate in Web 2.0 life and stay in touch with friends, buy stocks online or search for great love in dating networks. The list could go on and on and the importance of iPhone & Co. will continue to increase over the next few years.

It is therefore hardly surprising that cell phone contracts are one of the most common reasons for personal bankruptcy. The fact that in case of doubt an expensive contract cannot be waived is also due to the poor conditions of most prepaid tariffs, which for many consumers do not represent a serious alternative to contract-based tariffs.

If the creditworthiness is ultimately so limited due to insufficient solvency that there is a negative Credit Checker entry, the conclusion of a cell phone contract quickly becomes a problem.

Credit check by Credit Checker also for the mobile phone contract

Credit check by Credit Checker also for the mobile phone contract

Whether opening a checking account, taking out an installment loan, applying for a credit card or concluding a cell phone contract – the Credit Checker test of the potential customer is omnipresent.

Similar to banks, mobile operators also use Credit Checker’s extensive database. This is to enable an assessment of how likely an applicant can meet his future obligations from the intended contract.

A Credit Checker entry is easier than many people assume. It is already sufficient, for example, if you have been in arrears with a previous mobile phone contract or – this is also very often the case – did not pay a certain invoice on purpose because you are in a dispute with the contract provider.

The affected person is often found in a spiral of debt that is often difficult to break through on his own. The unpaid bills are usually passed on to a debt collection agency, which further increases costs. The collection fees usually exceed the original amount many times over.

The alternatives for those affected by a Credit Checker entry are basically there, but in many cases, they are not really attractive. In addition to the option to conclude a more expensive cell phone contract without a Credit Checker exam, usually, only prepaid or postpaid contracts without a subsidized smartphone remain. Both variants are characterized by higher costs compared to a normal cell phone contract.

What is a cell phone contract without Credit Checker


Mobile phone contracts without Credit Checker are characterized by the fact that the contract provider does not check the creditworthiness of the prospect by Credit Checker.

With the omission of the Credit Checker test when concluding a cell phone contract, the risk for the provider increases above all. As a rule, the customer is bound to the contract for at least two years. Expensive additions such as high-end smartphones or game consoles are usually refinanced with the basic fee so that a failure of the payments does not mean a reduction in the profit for the provider, but ultimately also often results in costs that the provider remains on.

The higher risk compared to “normal” customers with verified solvency can, of course, be paid for by providers of such contracts without a credit check. In any case, Credit Checker-free mobile phone contracts are significantly more expensive than most people expect.

The offer of full-fledged contract offers without a credit check is limited, but if you search thoroughly you will find special tariffs from one or the other network operator that represent a real alternative.

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